Disability Law?
Jimmy Knows What To Do.

Struggling with a disability claim? Jimmy’s Dial A Lawyer Network specializes in disability law, offering dedicated support and expert legal guidance. Connect with experienced attorneys who understand your challenges and are committed to advocating for your rights.


When Disability Strikes, Jimmy Knows What to Do.

Meet Jimmy.

Jimmy is the founder of Jim Glaser Law, a nationally recognized law firm. Additionally, Jimmy is the founder of The Dial-A-Lawyer Network. Jimmy and his team have recovered over a billion dollars for clients and handle cases in all 50 states.

Jimmy believes that it shouldn’t be difficult to find representation for your legal needs. Jimmy is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, so no matter your time of need, you have a place to call for a Free case evaluation. Jimmy and his team are dedicated to getting clients the compensation they truly deserve.


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Client Testimonials

"Jim Glaser does an amazing job as his team is extremely thorough and diligent with their work. The best part is they genuinely care about you through their display of compassion and understanding from start to finish which provides peace of mind. You truly feel you are properly being taken care of. Attorney Glaser is very dedicated and takes pride in his work, working tirelessly to help you while exhibiting pure professionalism at all times. I highly recommend this firm!"
Rodney C.
"Jim Glaser is one of the most honest and well-versed attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to work with both personally and professionally. I consider myself fortunate to work with, and have known Jimmy for 20+ years. He is diligent, articulate and always has sound advice. When I’ve needed any guidance navigating through complicated situations, he has always mapped out plan that worked for me. Lastly, his responsiveness is unparalleled! Without a doubt, when I need Jimmy he is there!"
Mark P.
"I met with Jim a couple of months ago about my case. I had to reschedule a few times and he was always quick to respond and was very accommodating and flexible. I was a little nervous meeting with a lawyer, but he instantly put me at ease with his friendly manner and legal knowledge. Most importantly, he was able to bring a positive, timely resolution to my case. I would highly recommend Jim Glaser to anyone in need of his services."
Tasha P.



Guiding you every step of the way: simple and clear answers to your most common questions.

Absolutely, we stand by the principle of accessibility and fairness. At Dial A Lawyer, we operate on a contingency fee basis, epitomized by our motto: “If Jimmy doesn’t win, you don’t pay.” This means that if we don’t secure a favorable outcome for your case, you won’t incur any legal fees. We are committed to ensuring that quality legal representation is available to everyone, irrespective of their financial situation. Jimmy connects you with skilled and dedicated lawyers who are invested in your success and will work diligently to win your case. When you triumph, we all do. It’s that simple, transparent, and client-centered.

At the heart of our service is Jimmy, and what sets us apart is his deep understanding and empathy for each client’s unique situation. We recognize that navigating through legal challenges can be one of the most trying times of your life. That’s why Jimmy is more than just a connection to a lawyer; he is your compassionate ally, standing by your side, ensuring you feel heard, respected, and supported.

Jimmy’s insight into the complexities of the legal system, coupled with his vast network of seasoned professionals, means he can connect you with the right expertise tailored to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on this personalized, client-centric approach, where your well-being and successful resolution are our top priorities. Through every step of the process, Jimmy is there – offering reassurance, guidance, and a friendly face, making your journey less daunting and more empowering. That’s the Dial A Lawyer difference.

Finding a lawyer with us is a seamless and stress-free experience, thanks to our innovative approach to legal assistance. With Jimmy at the forefront, all it takes is a simple inquiry. Just reach out and “Ask Jimmy.” He’ll listen to your concerns, understand your unique situation, and connect you with a seasoned professional from his extensive network who’s just the right fit for your needs.

Our user-friendly platform ensures that this process is comfortable, straightforward, and tailored to you. We aim to alleviate the stress typically associated with legal searches and help you start living a more peaceful life. With Jimmy by your side, accessing the legal support you need has never been more convenient and reassuring. That’s the ease and confidence Dial A Lawyer brings to your legal journey.