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Jim Glaser Set Out To Offer the Best Legal Services Ever

Before the creation of Amazon Prime, Bezos and his employees were attempting to brainstorm a variation of a loyalty program, when a “kind of a junior software engineer came up with this idea, not as a loyalty program, but this idea that we could offer people kind of an all-you-can-eat buffet of fast, free shipping,” he recalled in 2018.

After reading this quote, my vision was to do the same for legal services. My goal is to give consumers a brand-new experience that totally streamlines and simplifies any legal matter.

I simply do not believe it should be so hard to get legal advice. With that in mind, I started Dial A Lawyer to make finding a lawyer and getting a FREE consultation on any legal matter available to all… without the headaches.

By contacting Dial A Lawyer, you get unlimited FREE legal consultations and access to some of the best legal minds in the business.

Additionally, Dial A Lawyer not only gives you peace of mind that a lawyer is just a call, click or email away, but you get priority service on any legal services you need at competitive hourly, fixed or contingent rates. 

I founded Dial A Lawyer after spending 25 years gaining experience in all aspects of the law. Me and my team of industry veterans stand ready to provide folks like you the legal expertise you need. You have my word on it.

– Jim Glaser

“Jim and Sam, thank you guys for all your help. #lifesavers”
Julian Edelman New England Patriots | Super Bowl MVP


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