Workers Compensation Lawyer Boston
Workers Compensation Lawyer Boston

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Workers’ Compensation and Injury Lawyers

Get the legal support you need with Glaser Legal — experienced, workers’ compensation, disability, injury, medical malpractice, and consumer protection lawyers dedicated to fighting for your rights.

Work-Related Injury Benefits

If you receive work related disability, you may be eligible for an additional benefit that your insurance company did not tell you about. Don’t miss out on past and future payments. That’s real money that you could be owed.

Workers’ Compensation

Injured at work, or living with chronic pain after years on the job? Exposed to a toxin at work and now have a chronic disease? You owe it to yourself to apply for Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation provides wage and medical benefits, as well as lump sum settlements, to people who have suffered work-related injuries. If you’re working now, or even if you have retired within the last five years, we can help. Our lawyers have helped people collect millions of dollars in compensation.


Do you need to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? Have your benefits been denied? We can help get you out of debt, and get you the Social Security benefits you are entitled to receive. Many people are denied just because they don’t fill out the forms correctly. Our dedicated lawyers have helped hundreds of your neighbors get the Disability or SSI benefits they’re owed.

Personal Injury

As a victim, you have rights, and we are here to protect those rights. Our team of personal injury and auto accident attorneys will fight for you. It’s not easy to fight the insurance company alone. From slips and falls, to motor vehicle injuries, work accidents, and dog bites, if you’re hurt, we can help. Our team of personal injury lawyers have gotten our clients millions of dollars in settlements.

Medical Malpractice

Feel you received negligent care by a medical professional? We can help. If you have suffered an injury, loss, or damages due to negligent care by a doctor, nurse, or therapist, our team of lawyers is here for you. If someone in your family suffered injury or death as a result of medical care you feel was below standard, call us today.

Class Action Lawsuits

Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers, patients, and investors in the country’s top class action and mass tort cases.

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